Hamida Askaryar, Program Manager, UCLA Pediatric Dentistry

“I was very fortunate to have gained an amazing mentor from this experience. I have worked for UCLA for so many years, yet I still do not know so many departments, locations, and valuable services that UCLA offers. In my opinion, UCLA should have a ProShare sign-up website, that employees can log into and  voluntarily/mandatoryily (?) sign up to visit another department once a quarter. It would be of so much value to the employees and the university, as it would encourage collaboration, sharing of resources, and inter professional/interdisciplinary practice and perhaps aid in avoiding duplication of services. I feel very strongly about a broader University-wide ProShare platform. With much gratitude to the AMG group, its been such a pleasure to participate!”

Lucy Tseng, UCLA Development | Regional Director, San Gabriel Valley & Beyond

“I really enjoyed my participation in ProShare this year. It allowed me the opportunity to meet with colleagues I would never otherwise cross paths with. We’ve created a support system and bond that is lasting beyond the term of this program. I think every staff should find time to participate in ProShare to learn more about what’s out there and become better community members of UCLA.”

Megan B. Lebre, Undergraduate Counselor and Program Coordinator, Neuroscience

“ProShare gave me the unique opportunity to meet colleagues across campus and connect consistently in a meaningful way. I am grateful not only to have learned more about each person’s department, but to share about our experiences and receive feedback which has also helped me grow as a professional.”

Riana Olson, Program Manager, UCLA Anderson

“Proshare has been one of my favorite things about AMG so far – it has opened up parts of campus for me that I never knew existed and allowed me to have friendships that I value. I look forward to keeping up with my Proshare colleagues from this round and continuing to expand my network by participating again next time!”

Calvin Wong, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Office of Environmental Health & Safety

“UCLA AMG has given me the skills to network with people from other departments and connect with them on a singular motive to advance our careers. Thanks to AMG, I met mentors who were like-minded and gave me a much deeper insight to my career aspirations and confidence in the career moves that I made. ProShare is a program unlike anything else on campus and provides a platform for people to gather and discuss how they can enhance their careers.”

Carlos Samplina, Financial Counselor, Physicians’ Billing Office

“AMG ProShare served as a positive learning experience. ProShare has definitely given me a better understanding of my skillset and opened my eyes to all the opportunities and programs UCLA provides to their employees to help us grow.”

Mike McCormack (He, Him, His), Leadership Development Coordinator, Residential Life

“I loved being involved with AMG ProShare because it offered me the chance to network outside of my department, division, and comfort zone. Getting to work with the amazing people in my group showed me how expansive UCLA is, what incredible work is happening across the university, and gave me opportunities for collaboration for the betterment of the students I serve and UCLA as a whole.”

Maria DiTullio, Associate Director, Anderson Executive Education Program
“ProShare was a gift – a chance to connect with staff who want to talk about their work, the projects, and contributions to UCLA. We are all busy and yet carved out the time to meet.”

Amber Marti, UCLA Residential Life

“I joined AMG Proshare because it was recommended by a colleague. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what it delivered was a phenomenal opportunity to connect with colleagues from different backgrounds and disciplines. My group of five colleagues met regularly and I was able to explore different parts of campus, some of which I had no idea existed! In our sessions, we were able to brainstorm solutions for challenges each of us faced at different points throughout the year. I would recommend AMG Proshare to anyone early in their career, those looking to get to know the UCLA campus, and those who have been at UCLA for many years and are able to share their wisdom with others.”

Jenny Yi, Department of Neurobiology

“I joined AMG ProShare in hopes of meeting new colleagues and building intra-campus connections. This affiliation provided the means, and then some. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals – those whom which I hope to carry a lasting relationship. Engaging and interacting with those I normally did not allowed me to broaden my perspective of our institution. As much as I have gained through this program, I am planning on joining again in prospect of newfound relations and knowledge.”

 Susan Ito, Contract and Grant Office, UCLA Stein Eye Institute
“If you are looking for an organization that will allow you to get out of your comfort zone and widen your professional horizons, I highly recommend AMG. Through AMG’s ProShare program, I was able to meet colleagues from other areas of campus such as Residential Life, Asian American Studies, and Anderson School of Management. Although our specialty areas were different, there was a common ground of issues that we shared. Our discussions brought a fresh outlook on issues and helped me grow as a problem-solver. I strongly endorse AMG if you are looking for professional growth and camaraderie.”