The name of this group shall be the UCLA Administrative Management Group (AMG). This is a recognized staff advisory group of the University of California at Los Angeles sponsored by Campus Human Resources and advised by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. AMG is the UCLA chapter of the University of California systemwide Administrative Management Professionals (UC AMP) organization.


  1. To promote professional development.
  2. To effect improved communication among teaching, research, service and administrative managers and professionals of the Los Angeles campus.
  3. To provide a forum for discussion of common concerns.
  4. To provide opportunities for professional staff to expand their skills and knowledge to help them become competitive for mid-level management and leadership positions.
  5. To study administrative problems for the purpose of finding ways to improve and simplify operations at all levels.
  6. To be available as an effective and informed resource to central administration and campus units.
  7. To assist members in improving the operation of their departments and units.
  8. To provide an arena for professional networking and building community.
  9. To collaborate with other University groups (e.g., Staff Assembly) on all appropriate matters.


  1. For the purposes of these bylaws, any staff member at UCLA may opt into AMG membership by joining the group’s email listserv. By joining the listserv, AMG members will receive notification of events, meetings, and voting opportunities.
  2. The primary constituents of AMG are administrative managers and professionals who have responsibilities for the operation of a teaching, research or administrative function and are policy covered.
  3. In order to support succession planning efforts at UCLA, those who aspire to a position such as those described in Article III.B are also considered constituents and are encouraged to join the listserv.


  1. Board meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, and all Executive Board officers are required to attend.
  2. The Chair may, at his or her discretion, cancel or reschedule any Board meeting.
  3. Any AMG member who wishes to attend a Board meeting may email the Chair requesting permission to be a guest. The Chair may limit or disallow guests at any given meeting at his/her discretion.
  4. Reminders of Board meeting dates and times will be circulated to AMG members via the newsletter and/or listserv, and minutes from all open meetings will be posted in Box, UCLA’s designated online storage service
  5. The Chair may, at his or her discretion, make registration to the annual University-wide UC AMP meeting open to Board members and other AMG affiliates before registration is open to the general campus population.


  1. Structure – The Administrative Management Group shall be governed by an Executive Board consisting of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson (Chairperson-Elect), Treasurer, Secretary/Historian, Communications Liaison, IT Coordinator, Special Projects Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and four Members-At-Large.
  2. Duties – The Executive Board’s duties shall include but not be limited to:
    1. Responding, in an advisory capacity, to inquiries from central administration and other units.
    2. Establishment of committees and designation of members.
    3. Serving as a place for managers and professionals to identify and address important issues involving administrative processes, and initiate action toward resolution with central administration.
    4. Reviewing new and/or revised policy drafts and making recommendations to central administration as requested.
    5. Acting as the official representative of the Administrative Management Group for purposes of communication with campus administrative officers, other campus organizations and their officers, and the system-wide UC AMP.
  3. Term of Office
    1. The term of office of elected Board representatives will be two years, with an Appointment and Election process to be held annually to fill vacant positions.
    2. The Vice Chair will be elected annually by the current Board membership for a two-year term, serving the first year as Vice Chair and the second year as Chair.
    3. The Chair will be invited to serve in a non-voting, emeritus capacity on the Executive Board for one year following his or her service as Chair.
    4. A Board representative whose term has expired may opt to run for re-election to a second consecutive term, with the exception of the Chair.
    5. No individual may serve in the same elected Board position for more than two consecutive terms.
    6. If an elected Board member is unable to continue serving on the Board, the Executive Board may appoint an alternate to serve out the term, if deemed appropriate.
    7. The Conference Co-chairs serve two-year term positions to oversee the AMG annual conference. The positions are initially appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Human Resources with subsequent positions appointed by the AMG Board.
  4. Duties of Individual Board Positions
    1. Chair
      1. Schedule and preside over monthly board meetings.
      2. Coordinate agendas with the Vice-Chair.
      3. Serve on the UC AMP Steering Committee and liaise with the Staff Advisors to the Regents.
      4. Meet with the Vice Chancellor of Campus Human Resources on a regular basis.
      5. Administer the UC AMP Conference announcement and the registration of UCLA staff.
      6. Oversee the annual AMG Board elections. Specific duties related to the election process may be delegated at the Chair’s discretion.
      7. Compose a “Message from the Chair” and articles for AMG publications.
      8. Provide opening remarks/brief welcome at the beginning of AMG events, delegating as needed.
      9. Serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of all committees.
      10. The Chair shall be a voting member of the Board.
      11. Assume the role of the Immediate Past Chair when term expires.
    2. Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chair in his/her absence.
      3. Along with the Chair, attend regular meetings with the Vice Chancellor of Campus Human Resources.
      4. Serve as one of two representatives to the UC AMP Steering Committee.
      5. Head a committee (or delegate to another member) that administers the annual Excellence in Leadership Award (EXCEL award). This includes sending out a call for nominations, receiving nominations, overseeing the review and selection process, and making the final recommendation(s) to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Human Resources (Lubbe Levin).
      6. Serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of all committees.
      7. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect shall be a voting member of the Board.
    3. Treasurer
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. In accordance with all relevant campus accounting policies, maintain accurate electronic and/or paper records pertaining to receipt and disbursement of funds and report the status of the accounts at each regular meeting of the Board.
      3. Make recommendations concerning the budget to the Board.
      4. Serve as liaison to the University sponsor’s financial officer.
      5. Co-sign with the Chair, or his/her designee, all orders for disbursement of funds as directed by the Board.
      6. The Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board.
    4. Secretary/Historian
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Take notes of all Board meetings and general proceedings and distribute accordingly.
      3. Serve as the AMG Historian, maintaining an electronic archive of meeting notes, events, programs, newsletters, and other pertinent AMG programmatic documents submitted by Board members. This also includes maintaining a record of Board member tenures, the AMG by-laws, board member job descriptions and UC AMP information.
      4. Perform other duties as may be required by the Board.
      5. The Secretary shall be a voting member of the Board.
    5. Communications Liaison
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Act as the liaison to the CHR staff designate regarding content updates to the AMG website.
      3. Maintain the AMG listserv.
      4. Send all mass email communications to the membership.
      5. Provide leadership and devise innovative methods for increasing membership and improving the visibility of the organization. This may include developing plans for outreach and organizational marketing, producing the AMG newsletter The Memo, identifying opportunities for outreach, and providing marketing support for event and program promotion.
      6. The Communications Liaison shall be a voting member of the Board.
    6. IT Coordinator
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Maintain the AMG digital archives via the Confluence site in collaboration with the Historian and other Board members.
      3. Work with the Communications Liaison, other AMG officers, and AMG’s assigned contacts in Campus Human Resources (CHR) and IT Services on how best to utilize the website to its full capacity. Includes making assessments and recommendations and implementing enhancements to the website that will further AMG’s mission (e.g. development of a public online presence via social media and/or other outlets).
      4. The IT Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.
    7. Special Projects Coordinator
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Coordinate programs and activities for AMG members and the larger UC, including programs co-sponsored with other campus groups.
      3. Work with fellow board members to develop initiatives.
      4. Advise and oversee the work of all Ad Hoc Committees formed to complete short-term projects. Report on the progress of these projects to the Board.
      5. Collaborate with the Communications Liaison on program marketing materials and messaging.
      6. The Special Projects Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.
    8. Events Coordinator
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Provide leadership in the coordination of professional development events & workshops, including events co-sponsored with other campus groups (e.g., Staff Assembly).
      3. Maintain an accurate calendar of all AMG events.
      4. Work with the Treasurer on event-related funds management.
      5. Work with the Communications Liaison on event marketing materials and messaging.
      6. Create and manage an online registration process for each AMG event. Communicate registration information to event hosts and the Board as appropriate.
      7. Administer post-event surveys and report the results to the board.
      8. The Events Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.
    9. Member-at-Large
      1. Attend Board meetings.
      2. Conduct projects/duties assigned by the Chair and/or Committee Chairs.
      3. Serve on ad hoc and standing committees.
      4. The Members-at-Large shall be voting members of the Board.
    10. Immediate Past Chair
      1. Serve in an emeritus capacity.
      2. Mentor new Board members.
      3. Assist with special projects.
      4. The Immediate Past President shall not be a voting member of the Board.
    11. AMG Conference Ex-Officio Co-chairs
        1. Oversee planning activities for annual AMG leadership conference.
        2. Recruit members and volunteers to assist with planning & execution of event.
        3. Attend monthly AMG Board meetings.
        4. Keep AMG Chair & Vice-Chair and AVC of HR updated on all planning activities.
        5. The Conference Co-Chairs shall not be voting members of the Board.


    1. An Appointment and Election process will be held each spring quarter to replace any Board members whose terms are expiring, with new officers taking office in July.
    2. The Treasurer and IT Coordinator positions will be filled through an appointment process administered by the Chair or his/her designee.
      1. A majority of Board members voting will be required to approve an appointment.
      2. Appointment of these positions will conclude prior to the election process described in Article VI.C.
    3. The Secretary/Historian, Communications Liaison, Special Projects Coordinator, and Events Coordinator positions shall be filled by an election process administered by the Chair or his/her designee.
      1. Prior to being included on the ballot, candidates must be approved by a majority of the Board.
      2. The full membership of the Administrative Management Group will be eligible to vote for all elected positions other than the Vice-Chair.
      3. A majority of those voting will be required for election.
      4. In case of a tie, a run-off election will be held within five business days of the initial election’s conclusion.
    4. Two Member-at-Large positions will be filled by vote of the full AMG membership. Two additional Member-at-Large positions will be filled by Board appointment, with priority consideration being given to those candidates who participate in but are not selected by the Appointment and Election process. One elected and one appointed position will be filled each year, with another one elected and one position appointed in alternating years.


    1. Ad Hoc Committees
      1. Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed at the discretion of the Executive Board to complete short-term projects. Chairs of these committees will be expected to provide regular reports on the status of their activities to the Special Projects Coordinator.
    2. Standing Committees
      1. Standing Committees shall be formed at the discretion of the Executive Board for specific on-going purposes. Chairs of these committees who are not elected members of the Executive Board will be expected to attend Executive Board meetings and report on the status of their activities.
        1. UC AMP – The Chair and the Vice-Chair or their designee will represent UCLA to the University-wide UC AMP Steering Committee.
        2. ProShare
        3. AMG Author Series
        4. Excel Awards
        5. Marketing and Brand Awareness


    1. The Bylaws of the Administrative Management Group are accessible on the AMG web page and may be added to, amended, or repealed only by a two- thirds majority of the members voting.
    2. No proposal relating to introduction, amendment, or repeal of these bylaws may be presented for vote of the general membership unless:
      1. Such a proposal shall have been reviewed previously and approved by the Executive Board or a designated Ad Hoc Committee whose authority shall be limited to matters of form and the coordination of related changes in the By-Laws of the Group, as well as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; and
      2. The membership of the Group has received written notice of the proposal fifteen (15) working days prior to the established date for the vote.