PDP – Professional Development Program

PDP was launched in 1994 to provide the University with highly trained and qualified staff prepared to move into leadership positions. This one-year leadership development program provides participants in PSS 2-6 classifications with opportunities to enhance professional and management skills, build professional networks, and learn about the structure and culture of the University. By grooming future leaders, we assist UCLA with its succession management needs and safeguard its continued success.   

MDP – Management Development Programs

Managers and future managers can improve their effectiveness in their current roles and prepare professionally for career growth. Programs include a certificate series in fundamentals of supervision, assessment centers of management competencies, UCLA management seminars offered in partnership with the Anderson School, systemwide conferences for business officers, management training workshops, and a UC institute focused on managing people.

SEP – Staff Enrichment Program

Since 1979, the Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) has been committed to helping UCLA staff achieve their career goals. By fostering a sense of belonging, developing employees’ vocational and professional skills, and exploring career possibilities, SEP aims to retain high-potential employees and prepare them for leadership roles at UCLA. SEP, and other staff development programs, strive to provide the campus with a diverse pool of skilled applicants to meet the operational needs and manage the challenges afforded by UCLA’s dynamic environment.