AMG Excellence Awards | June 27

AMG Excellence Awards

June 27 , 2018
Lunch for Attendees –  11:30am
 – 12pm
Award Presentations – 12-1:30pm
Neuroscience Research Building (NRB auditorium)
635 Charles E. Young Drive South
Los Angeles, CA 90095

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 AMG Management Excellence Awards for 2018:

  • Distinguished Career Award
    This award recognizes an individual who has led a distinguished career over a significant period of time at the University, has shared invaluable institutional knowledge with others, and has made important contributions to the campus as a whole.  This award goes to Steven Peckman, Director of the Broad Stem Cell Research Center.
  • EXCEL Award
    This award honors management excellence, by recognizing an individual who has had a significant and lasting impact on the people he/she leads, and who exemplifies the leadership qualities that UCLA values.  This award goes to Robin Epstein Ludewig, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition for UC Health Human Resources.
  • Rising Star Award
    This award spotlights an individual with high potential to make a positive impact throughout his/her career, and who has established a leadership role on campus, while pursuing training and development opportunities for career growth.  This award goes to Kelsey Duff, Assistant Director of Student Services for the School of Arts and Architecture.

Our congratulations to all nominees.


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