2020 AMG Leadership Conference: Shaping the Future of UCLA
UCLA Luskin Center
April 14, 2020

Session Description ***Please check back regularly as we are updating this information weekly***
Talent and Succession Management – Strategies for You and Your Team
Donna Salvo, Executive Director of Systemwide Talent Management, UC Office of the President &
Nancy Chen, Senior Director, Integrated Talent Management, Office of the President
Talent and Succession Management – Strategies for You and Your Team. The University of California (UC) system faces economic, political, and social challenges that require a more intentional approach to talent management to maintain organizational readiness for the future. For UC to be successful in recruiting and retaining talent, we must create a cross-system approach to talent and succession management.For us to remain competitive and retain our top talent, it is important to recognize that we must act now to help develop, support and engage a workforce that is prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges. This workshop will help you plan for your organization’s readiness for the future by giving you strategic elements to plan for.
Keynote: The Dance of Leadership
Dr. Robin Johnson, Multidimensional Leadership Development, UCLA Anderson School of Management
A creative and interactive approach to broaden your understanding of the range of leadership styles and the situations in which each is most effective. This talk will broaden your leadership style repertoire, make you more intentional as you lead others, help you find, express, be, and use your unique style in leading.
Panel:  Creating an Environment to Cultivate Success in a Multi-generation Workforce
Mike Lee, Director, Services & Projects, UCLA SSC-ERT
Caroline Kong, Manager, Instructional Technology & eLearning
Alberto Alquicira, Technology Director, Architecture and Urban Design
Creating an Environment to Cultivate Success in a Multi-Generation Workforce. Hear how various generations of IT employees define productivity at work. Do their definitions align with their managers’ perceptions and how do we work together to create an environment that brings the greatest organizational success?
Strategic Career Management: How to Take Charge of Your Career Growth
Megan Eigenbrod, Training and Professional Development Coordinator, Campus Human Resources
When we feel stuck in our careers, it is often because we need more information and first-hand experience; most of which can’t be found on the internet. This course will teach learners life-long practices for exploring career interests, building an authentic network, and making confident career decisions. Learn how these practices can also increase your current job satisfaction and help you stand out at work.
Panel: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Defusing Implicit Bias.
Moderator: Ryan Patrick Parker, Title Consultant for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Health Human Resources, CORE
Panelist: Margaret Shih, Associate Vice Chancellor, Equity Diversity & Inclusion
Panelist: Jonathan Perkins, Special Assistant to the VC Kang, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
In our roles as managers, how implicit bias can affect the success of an organization through everyday decision making.  Where and how it shows up and how we can defuse it.
Stop Managing, Start Coaching: How to Coach Employees to Greater Performance
Sherry Wu, Professor, Anderson School of Management
Leadership skills for cultivating workplace participation and for sustaining a supportive and efficient group environment for work teams.
The importance of Developing Leadership Potential within our Community
Alfred Osborne, Professor, Senior Associate Dean, Anderson School of Management
Keynote: Leading the Way
Kelsey Martin, Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine
Management Agility: Are you ready for what’s next?
Ellen Sheehan, Executive Director, IRLE HARRT

Today’s leaders need to become more creative, agile, and innovative in how they lead their teams to meet the management challenges of the future. The rapidly changing workplace, multi-generational workforce and evolving technology will impact traditional human resources strategies and leadership approaches. Managers will be faced with new challenges in hiring and retaining employees, motivating staff, driving digital transformation and implementing human resources programs that will continue to engage a diverse workforce.While organizations still need talent management, total rewards and learning and development programs, tomorrow’s leaders will have to rethink their approach to leading and communicating with their employees. With a panel of human resources experts from different industries, we will explore how top performing organizations are preparing for the future by upskilling management, redesigning learning, shaping meaningful work, aligning values and purpose, and creating strategic collaboration at all levels in the organization.
Time Management
David Fuller, Training Consultant

This session focuses on our limited resource of time and practical techniques for making the most of yours. Methods for examining, planning, and maximizing the utilization of time will be discussed including a novel approach to time management backed by new research.  Attendees will leave the session with:

  • a core understanding of the nature and benefits of time management
  • a basic ability to identify and set priorities using the Eisenhower Matrix
  • knowledge of – and practice with – the “contingent planning” approach to time management grounded in new research out of UCLA Anderson School of Management.