Don’t build your performance management house on quicksand. The Missing Link…Redefining human intelligence for the AI Era.
Vicki Shillington, Chief Happiness Officer, ThinqShift

The speed of change is expected to increase exponentially in the coming decade with the introduction of artificial
intelligence, robotics and automation. Simply put, anything that can be boiled down to an algorithm will be automated.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom, it is thought that about 65% of jobs that kids in kindergarten will do have not yet been invented.  Future jobs will require us to redefine human intelligence for the AI era.

The 4 Intelligences:
IQ-Intellectual Horsepower—> analytical solving
EQ-Emotional Intelligence —>relating to people
EF-Executive Functioning—> action orientated and high throughput
CQ-Curiosity Intelligence —> ability to envision, create and innovate

In this workshop we will delve into the 4 intelligences required for the AI era, discover how to become comfortable with not knowing how our world is going to change AND learn how to be successful in the AI era.