Morning Session
Branding and Positioning Yourself for What’s Next in Your Career; Research, Networking and Packaging
Robin Ludewig, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning and Interim Director of Learning and Organizational Development for UCLA Health

Have you taken time to identify your personal brand and how that ties into your career aspirations and goals? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”, this session will provide guidance and tips to introspectively identify your talents as they relate to positioning yourself for an unforgettable career. It is geared to ignite how you think about your career and personal stories intersect throughout your journey.

Participants will learn how to identify their personal brand and develop tools to market their message to their network of colleagues and friends.

Create and implement a career growth path, while identifying internal and external risks along the way.Attendees will be challenged to analyze their personal stories while also identifying how that is essential to their branding message. They will leave with proactive tips, tools and resources on how to craft a consistent message and market that message to the appropriate audience.