David Geffen School of Medicine and Health-System Wide Diversity Lecture Series

Dr. Daryl Smith

Senior Research Fellow
Professor Emerita of Education and Psychology
The Claremont Graduate University


Dr. Smith is a leader in the area of diversity in organizations and in particular in STEM. She has written extensively on this subject. Her bibliography of authored or co-authored materials include:  Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education: Making it Work, The Challenge of Diversity: Alienation or Involvement in the Academy, Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking The Myths, Interrupting The Usual: Successful Strategies for Hiring Diverse Faculty, Diversity Works: The emerging picture of how students benefit, Strategic Governance: Making Big Decisions Better, Taking Women Seriously: Lessons and Legacies for Educating the Majority. She received the 2012 Howard R Bowen Career Achievement Award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education.

Tuesday, June 7th
4:30pm-5pm Reception
5pm-6pm Talk
Tamkin Auditorium, RRUMC B-Level

RSVP Email: Diversity@mednet.ucla.edu with subject “06/07 5pm Dr. Smith Talk”

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